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The Abyssal Woods exists on the precipice of obliteration, its heavy limbs pulled inexorably towards a black hole at its center, no larger than a grain of sand. The hole breathes, as though it were a living being. Every inhale threatens to devour the forest, an intense vacuum rips roots from the ground and sucks waves of tumbling debris through the air. 

Everything that lives in the Abyssal Woods evolves to survive the tantrums of a tiny, unpredictable orifice at its center. Insects with opposable thumbs cling tenaciously to trees, whose roots have become powerful, gnarled hands firmly gripping the ground. Seasoned visitors carry chains and hooks to secure themselves at a moment's notice to the largest things in sight when the winds pick up.

The Flower Witch flickers through the woods, tending to inscrutable tasks that keep it from swallowing itself. Her seemingly random alterations create wonder and death for foolhardy travelers. A coven of disciples assists in the care of the Abyssal Woods; clearing trails, calming boiling rivers, balancing bacterial colonies, and most importantly, clearing the clots from the infinity web that encloses the vacuum at the heart of the forest.[1]


Survivors visit the Abyssal Woods when hunting the Flower Knight or Spidicules monsters, although it appears to be a more tame section of the Abyssal Woods, as the survivors don't have to deal with the vacuum at the center of the woods. These two expansions will be required expansions for the Abyssal Woods expansion, while the Dung Beetle Knight and Honeycomb Weaver will have optional interactions with the expansion.

The Abyssal Woods expansion was announced during the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter.[2] The Abyssal Woods was originally teased with the release of the Flower Witch and the Disciples of the Witch models on the Kingdom Death store. The update also shows the Dragon Goblin to perhaps be the main showdown monster of the campaign.


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