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The White Lion is a huntable quarry monster included in the Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game.


"There once was a beast that wanted to feel how soft its fur was. Since it could not reach its own back, it killed many other creatures and spent time rubbing its paws over them. They say that when the monster finally killed a human, it fell in love with their soft hair and its paws grew into a pair of fine human hands."[1]

Huge terrifying lions with a strange human curiosity and human hands. Their white fur shines with flecks of gold when the sunlight hits them directly, a strange contrast to their bloated and sad faces. They are a dominant predator in the holy lands and have become a symbol of inspiration and beauty for the entity that resides over all. Occasionally they are trained and kept as partners by Man-Hunters.[2]

Story Events[]

Hunt Events[]

Stat Breakdown[]

Level B A L Mov Tgh Spd Dmg Trait List Tokens
First Story Custom 6 6 - -
1 7 3 - 6 8 - -
2 10 5 - 7 10 +1 +1 Cunning
3 10 9 2 8 14 +2 +2 Cunning, Merciless, Indomitable +2 accuracy, +1 luck

AI Cards[]






Hit Location Cards[]


Total resources gained from deafeting the white lion
Level Basic resources White Lion resources Other Total
1/first story 4 4 - 8
2 4 6 - 10
3 4 8 1 Elder Cat Teeth 13

General Release[]


The White Lion (sometimes referred to as the Holy Lion) was originally released as a resin general release (there was no First Run limited amount). Since the release of the Core Game the resin miniature is no longer produced.


  • Holy Lion resin miniature
  • Kingdom Death resin 25mm x 50mm base
  • Matte art cardtrategy

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See Also[]

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